Welcome to the Capital University Net Price Calculator.

Here's how it works. You provide us with basic information about you and your family. We generate an estimated aid award for you. You finish with a pretty good idea of what your net cost can be for your first year at Capital. It's a win-win.

Our best estimate is based on your best estimate. The more accurate your answers, the more accurate your family's tentative cost of education (after available resources) might be.

(Available resources will be in the form of any Capital merit scholarships or grants, need-based grants, federal and state grants as well as loans and work-study opportunities. All are estimates and subject to change.)

10 The calculator will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Affordability is very important to us. So we're always looking for new ways to recognize talented students. In this calculator, your estimated Capital merit awards will be based on the information you report about academic achievement to date. A lot can change by the time you apply, so final awards will be contingent upon your profile at the time of your acceptance and changes to our scholarship programs.

In the end, the benefits of a Capital education far outweigh the costs. When you invest in yourself at Capital, we invest in you by providing the best college experience we possibly can. You'll live in our idyllic location, learn from inspiring faculty, laugh with new friends and each day come one step closer to making your lasting impact on the world. Our students are committed to their goals - both lifelong aspirations and daily to-do list items. At Capital, everyone is important. And you are, too.

So let's get started.
Capital's admission and financial aid counselors are ready to help you if any questions come up. We can provide a full explanation of net cost, payment plans, and the admission process. Call us at 866-544-6175 or email admission@capital.edu.

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